Who We Are

Advantage Ministries Inc. in Millville NJ is a non-profit corporation which was chartered under the laws of the State of New Jersey on January 15, 2009. As a nonprofit educational and religious corporate entity, it is tax-exempt pursuant to Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Current Board members and Directors include: Greg Hennis – President, Paula Sheets – Secretary and Samuel Sheets – Treasurer.

As a broadcasting and religious organization, our efforts on Ascend FM are focused on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Programming consists of uplifting contemporary music, words of encouragement from local hosts and pastors, alongside teachings from local denominations. Our intent is to be a light in the community.

This station belongs to God and as its board members and directors, we strive to move as the Lord leads. We also invite our listeners to watch our Internet Based 24/7 Christian TV Network, Ascend-TV.com for teachings and ministry. All praise to the Lord Jesus Christ!

Our Mission Statement

Ascend FM exists to offer encouragement and hope by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through the airwaves. We want to help our listeners Reach Higher in life by broadcasting: Biblical Teachings, Christian Music and information that will help lead them down a path to salvation. We pray our station can be used to help others develop a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.